aawwwww, pretty old times ^^

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yeap; she’s adorable <3 

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awww, her hair is back ^__^

love her purple dress <3 

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Favorite Ashley’s shoes

OMG..The last one is amazing!!! Luv it! 

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luuuv it ^^
so sweet ;*

luuuv it ^^

so sweet ;*

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today i was so excited..

i wanted to see him very much..

but when i saw him, i became into a Grey mouse

 so i said just hello

and didn’t look at his bright blue eyes..

and he thought i was unhappy to see him..

but i was happy..

and…i dunno what i’m gonna do

should i try to be less shy?

should I kiss him when i meet him..

deep inside

since that day, i thought i’ll make the first step to him.

but now, i don’t feel like i’m going to make it.

my friend told me that he broke up with her bf because of that guy.

he’s her best friend

and i don’t want to tell him and her that I had a feeling …

maybe she’ll date him..

it’ll look stupidly..

i just wanna stay alone

and i don’t wanna hurt her feelings…

and who knows maybe he doesn’t like me at all..

maybe better to leave it all…

maybe wonder will happen ^_^

i believe for the best things …

anyway…i just wanna someone to hug and kiss me ._.

i’m forever alone dude :D

Too many commons

There’s too many commons between us, you see?

We have the same surname.

We have the same hobby and opportunities.

We have the same sides for life.

We even studied in the same school.

And now I study in the college, where you’d graduated this year.

Now you are a bit far from me.

But I miss you.

Meet me in April and I will tell you what I feel.



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